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Environmental Cleanup

An industrial site for more than 100 years, Zidell Yards is now at the center of Portland’s largest development project and one of the most extensive privately-funded cleanups undertaken on the Willamette.

The restoration, developed in partnership with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, is the result of more than fifteen years of comprehensive analysis and concerted effort to safeguard public health and the environment.

Among the projected outcomes of this $20 million undertaking: improved fish and wildlife habitat, containment of environmental contaminants, and the planting of more than 15,000 native shrubs and trees, transforming thirty acres of industrial land into an eco haven and one of the city’s most promising mixed-used neighborhoods.

For more information as well as media inquiries, contact Len Bergstein of NW Strategies at 503 349 5323 or email info@zidell.com.